We arrange elite banking internships with 1-on-1 training for ambitious students.

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We solve The Lack Of Experience Problem by helping you get exposure & vital 1-on-1 training in the following industries:


Investment Banking


Asset Management


Private Equity


Venture Capital




Hedge Funds

Are You Eager To Break Into Banking or Consulting, But Lack The Relevant Experience And Skills?

Do you struggle to get interviews?


Do you need help getting an offer?


Are people ignoring your applications?


Do you need visa sponsorship?

We Can 100% Solve These Problems
Break Into Banking

Our Process


Many applicants have no prior knowledge of finance and use our programme to gain relevant industry experience and training that is a stepping-stone for highly coveted full-time jobs in investment banking, consulting and investment management. Employers love it.

Free Consultation

We’re the best, but we’re very selective. In the consultation call, if you’re not the PERFECT fit and we can’t guarantee we’ll get you what you want – we’ll advise you but we will not take your money. We’ll get you some clarity on what to do, how to do it and when. A lot of people have told us to CHARGE for these calls because we dive into building clarity and strategy. They are extremely valuable even if we tell you not to become a client.

Training Internship

If we’re a PERFECT fit, you’ll be invited to join our elite programme. Depending on your field of interest, you’ll undergo rigorous training and undertake practical activities with a 3rd party, such as in investment banking, consulting, private equity, venture capital or investment management. You’ll know how to deal with tricky items like non-debt liabilities, restricted cash, pension deficits and have a deep understanding of full income statement build-out in Excel top-down and bottom-up plus much more.

Paid Internship or Full-time Job

After the training internship, you’ll be equipped with a strong technical foundation thoroughly covered in an easy-to-understand manner and with a focus on relevance to interview questions and how to get the job offer rather than vague academic details. Complete with Excel skills and how to use this knowledge in the real world, you’ll feel 100x more confident and employers will want to hire you. We’ll show you how to abandon the low-value online application approach forever and use our proven techniques to line up interviews and secure high paid offers.

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Some Clients

"After the internship training programme, I became much more confident to pursue my future goals."

King’s College London, Morgan Stanley

"I have learned key finance and valuation skills, whilst also developing my valuation skills. I believe I now have a much higher chance of securing a top role."

Queen Mary University, RBC

"Into City Prep is really helpful to plan my future career. I really appreciated the attention and the tailored pieces of advice that I received."

Bocconi University, Finance Company

"They have exceeded my expectations. Not only is everyone helpful but they also go out of their way to provide you with insightful resources as well."

Cass Business School

"Luke has been a wonderful friend and mentor to me. He has provided me advice on my own career and it has helped greatly."

LSE, HSBC Asset Management

"Luke is an outstanding specialist. When I have been working with him he always acted calm and professionally. He is efficient at what he is doing and always open to help."

Warwick University

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